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Jackson, 12, is a keen bus scheduler

March 12, 2018

Joe and Jordan 2Twelve year old Jackson Saunders was in his element!

He was a VIP guest of Reading Buses and sitting down with Network Planner and Scheduler Joe Wood discussing timetables and rotas.

Jackson, who lives on Reading Buses 702 route, has developed a keen interest in buses and, in particular, schedules.

So on a visit to the Great Knollys Street depot, he was able to spend time with Joe to see and experience the full process from timetable creation, route registration, duty compilation and rota population – all of which he really enjoyed.

Jackson, who was also given a tour of the depot, is well known to a number of the drivers on the 702 and is now armed with the latest set of running boards.

Said Joe afterwards:  “It was great to welcome Jackson to the depot and give him an overview on how we compile our schedules. Getting the timetables, and rotas, right is an extremely difficult job as there are so many things to take into account such as traffic conditions, loadings and driver hours.

“ Jackson ’s visit demonstrates that the transport industry is well placed with young people genuinely interested in how things work.

“It is extremely important that we foster the interest of young people and help support those considering future careers in our profession.

“Whilst there is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry, it’s always key to encourage new ideas and ways of thinking and engaging with genuinely interested young people.”

Added Joe:  “This can help them form new ideas as they finish their education and start their professional journey.”