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Jacky Retires from Chalkwell at 75

June 1, 2017

At 75, Jacky has retired from ChalkwellAt the age of 75, Jacky Caston has decided it’s time to retire.

She has been at Chalkwell of Sittingbourne for just over 11 years and has been instrumental in bookings for the DayBreak, holidays and private hire segments of the business.

Jacky is delighted to have seen a growth in all these sectors and has always placed a great deal of focus on customer service.

“Customers were number one priority and when people rang up I would always make sure they were happy with the trip they had bought,” said Jacky whose home is in Gillingham .

In addition to DayBreak bookings, she also assisted with selecting itineraries and helping to put the Chalkwell DayBreak brochure together.

Jacky said that over the years the most popular trips in the DayBreak programme were consistently gardens, flower shows, London theatre visits, historic places and seaside resorts.

Jacky was offered a job at Chalkwell in Sittingbourne after handing in her cv, having previously worked in the industry with a tour operator for 20 years.

“I have always worked for family companies which was one of the reasons in the first instance that attracted me to Chalkwell,” she said.  “I liked the variation of what they did.

“At the same time, it has been a very friendly workplace and I have made lifelong friends.

“I have had 11 very busy and enjoyable years at Chalkwell and I wish them continued success,” said Jacky who with partner Eric Acott has three sons, a daughter and three grandchildren.

“We are very family orientated and in my retirement I hope to spend more time with the family and catch up with friends whom I have not seen for a while.  Hopefully I will also keep busy in the garden.”

Chalkwell Managing Director Clive Eglinton clearly remembers the day Jacky sent in her cv which, he said, ‘we liked.’

“On the day of interview, which was with my wife Christine, Jacky created a great first impression by attending dressed entirely from head to foot in purple!

“Christine immediately took to her, subsequently offered her the job and the next 11 years have flown by for us all.

“Jacky has just got on with things without making any fuss and has built a wonderful relationship with our customers and with the staff with whom she has worked throughout the Chalkwell company. Her cheerful, calm manner and great sense of humour have been an inspiration to us all.”

Added Clive:  “Jacky has been a huge asset to Chalkwell and we shall miss her warmth and conscientious approach to her job, but we nevertheless have many happy memories.”