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Now Jet Black joins New Look Buses in Newbury

March 13, 2019

Newer, low emission buses are being introduced on the long-established jet black service between Newbury, Thatcham, Theale and Reading. 

The vehicles will see jet black move into the latest generation of Reading Buses’ style.

The main black and ivory colours will remain the same, but the layout and logos will be updated. The jet black logo has a new look with the dot on the ‘j’ changing to a lime colour.

“This will tie in with the accent colour on the newly rebranded Newbury & District buses,” announced Nikki Ball, Reading Buses Marketing and Brand Manager.

“This will create a really positive link between all the buses which the company run in Newbury.”

The first jet black in the new look will be in service this week with the other buses rolling in gradually over the next few months.

“The look of jet black buses is quite distinct and has helped to increase customer numbers over a number of years,” said Nikki.

“However, with the rebranding of Newbury & District, we felt the timing was a great opportunity to bring the jet black look and feel up to the current Reading Buses standard.

“It is not just about a new logo, but also our wider values and commitment to running services in Newbury, Thatcham, West Berkshire and beyond.

“The seven repainted 86-seater double deck Alexander Dennis MMC vehicles meet the latest emissions standards with Euro VI engines which will help improve air quality.

“They emit less Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) than a single modern car. NOx gases are a leading contributor to air pollution and are currently being targeted for reduction by the government.

“The buses also have a high spec interior with wood effect floors and high-backed seats with increased capacity.

“All these features should help attract more customers and make the service look more modern,” Nikki added.

The seven buses are being moved onto jet black from their recently acquired Newbury & District operation – with the current stock moving the other way. Reading Buses Chief Executive Officer Robert Williams explained

“This is about ensuring the future of both jet black and our Newbury & District operation as well as making sure that the right buses are deployed on right kind of routes.

“At eight years old the current jet black vehicles are now half way through their expected life. With jet black being a longer, inter-urban service, it makes sense for it to have some of our latest buses.

“The current jet black vehicles are still in excellent condition and will maintain the high quality offer provided by Newbury & District on school services in a more financially sustainable way.”

He said Reading Buses had adopted the same philosophy regarding the rebranding of Newbury & District buses, hoping they too would capture the imagination of the public.

As the Newbury & District buses were also rebranded in the new look, they too would be seen in the Newbury area over the coming months.

“We are aiming to complete the whole integration exercise in the summer,” Robert added.