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Stephen’s ‘Outstanding Care’ Earns Star Status

September 14, 2017

stephenandpaulA customer and member of staff have nominated the latest ‘Stars of the Month’ at Reading Buses.

Stephen Cunningham, 25, caught the eye of a customer for his ‘outstanding care’ towards a partially sighted traveller.

The customer praised Stephen, of Tilehurst, who has worked at Reading Buses for 11 months, for a ‘superb job’ of keeping all his customers informed when he left the bus to ensure the person had arrived at the correct stop.

Said Caroline Anscombe, Reading Buses’ HR Director: “Stephen had spoken to the partially-sighted customer and realised that he needed a different stop that was nearby.

“He ensured that he kept all his other customers informed and closed the doors of the bus before helping the visually impaired customer to the correct stop. It is a great example of the caring attitude that our drivers exhibit day in and day out and it is fantastic that Stephen has been recognised for this.”

Paul Glanville, 52, was nominated by his manager for completing a ‘fantastic job’ in covering the bus stop infrastructure role and ensuring that a timetable change was completed on time at the end of July

“Paul had been seconded into the role at a late stage and proactively managed the workload, completing the timetable change on time,”.said Caroline.

“This was all done whilst learning the new temporary job and new systems and helped ensure that customers got their information changed at the correct time.”

Paul, of Calcot, has worked at Reading Buses for nearly six years.