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Stephensons of Essex Trials 16 Seat Mini Bus on Rural Routes

February 7, 2017

Stephensons MiniBus TrialLocal independent bus company Stephensons has commenced trials of 16 seat minibuses on one of its rural routes, the D4 Burnham-Bradwell on Sea.  First to be tried will be the Mercedes CityBus 45 with EVM bodywork, followed by the full Evobus City 45 built by Mercedes Benz.

Stephensons Managing Director Bill Hiron explained: “Many of our rural routes need bigger buses, since even though lightly loaded during the day, they carry larger numbers at school times.  However, we have a number of services where even at peak periods, loadings are lower, and with the potential for lower purchasing and fuel costs, it makes sense for us to try these new products”

Both models tested are fully wheelchair accessible.  Feedback from customers is welcome, to [email protected]